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Every buyer in a real estate transaction should understand what side of the fence their agent is on. What am I talking about you ask?



fence sitter in real estate

Real estate agency is one of those areas that few buyers or seller understand and sometimes real estate agents. By understanding what side of the agency fence an agent is on, you will know if he or she is working for the buyer, the seller or some where in between. Continue Reading…

Are You Giving 100%

October 14, 2012

I recently watched a movie with my children, Facing The Giants (2006). The move is about a head football couch who finds himself and his purpose, after he begins to question what it is he is doing. In the process of finding himself he motives the team to win the state championship by giving 100%.


The coach had come to this high school with a determination to make the football team better. Over the course of several short years the team hadn’t improved. As a result a few people began to talk about replacing him in, he caught wind of this. Continue Reading…

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation or discuss that you look back on now and ask, why did I waste my time and energy?

Arguements are time wasters.

That happened to me a couple of weeks back on Facebook with 10 or so people in a group. Some people in the group I knew and some of them I didn’t know. Continue Reading…

Staying positive in a negative world is probable one of the hardest things we have to do if we are going to lead in the different roles we play as fathers, business leaders and community leaders. We all know people in these different roles who seem to stay positive no matter what life is throwing at them. When life gives them lemons as the saying goes, they make lemonade.

think, do, be positive

Staying positive is a mental choice; It all has to do with perspective. Some will look at a glass and say it is half full. Others will look at the same glass and say that it is half empty. It is all in the perspective you keep.  Continue Reading…