Are You Giving 100%

October 14, 2012

I recently watched a movie with my children, Facing The Giants (2006). The move is about a head football couch who finds himself and his purpose, after he begins to question what it is he is doing. In the process of finding himself he motives the team to win the state championship by giving 100%.


The coach had come to this high school with a determination to make the football team better. Over the course of several short years the team hadn’t improved. As a result a few people began to talk about replacing him in, he caught wind of this.

In the face of this, he began to question himself as a coach, a provide for his wife, his reason for coming to this high school; in other words his self-worth.

A passage of scripture was read to him about how God was not done with him. That passage of scripture changed his mind set and sent him in a new direction. Instead of focusing on what wasn’t happening in his life, he began to focus on his efforts; giving 100% to the God and honoring him through his actions.

That simple in his thoughts and a commitment to honor God by giving 100%, change everything.

The movie caused me to stop, evaluate my life.  An ask the question am I giving 100% in all aspects of my life and honoring God. To be honest with my self I had to say no. So I’ve decided to buckle down review what I am and am not doing and then make necessary changes.

Areas where I will be making changes to give 100%:

* Exercise

* Scripture & Prayer

* Relationships & Friendships

* Church Responsibilities

* Scheduling/Over Scheduling.

We all have areas in our life where we know we are not giving 100% and honor to God. Make the changes necessary and if not to honor God to honor yourself.

Question: What are some of the areas you need to make changes in so that you are giving 100%?

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