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My thought on developing one’s self so that you can help another individual grow and prosper.

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to get things done or maybe your inbox is continually overflowing at home and work? My inbox was that way for a long time, that was until I found a system that worked for me.

Uncluttered desk is an uncluttered mind.

Before I explain; let me say I’ve read and tried a number of different techniques to try and resolve my over flowing problem. I’ve tried setting up baskets for each of the different business or clients that I work with. I figured that I would allow me to focus one day a week on each. That didn’t work, something always crept up unexpectedly. Continue Reading…

Everybody has a time or two in their lives when they question what it is they are doing or if they are going in the right direction. Usually those times come in a moment of difficulty, when it seems like everything they’re doing is falling down around them; I know it did for me.

Doubt in Life

It’s never as bad as it seems, in the moment though you may not see it that way. Continue Reading…