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Every buyer in a real estate transaction should understand what side of the fence their agent is on. What am I talking about you ask?



fence sitter in real estate

Real estate agency is one of those areas that few buyers or seller understand and sometimes real estate agents. By understanding what side of the agency fence an agent is on, you will know if he or she is working for the buyer, the seller or some where in between. Continue Reading…

Have you seen the logo below? If so, you may or may not know what it means? It’s the Federal Fair Housing Logo and what does it meaning to you when working with a professional real estate agent when buying or selling a home?

Fair Housing Logo, It's against the law to discriminate.

As a real estate agent it is against the law for me or any other agent to discriminate. As a home owner, you might be thinking, well it is my house and I will sell it to whom ever I want. That is fine, you can sell it to whom every you want to, so long as you don’t discriminate along the way.

A real estate agent can’t make a property available to one group or class of people while not making it available to another group or class of people. An agent can’t offer one set of terms or conditions to one group of people but not another. Agents are charged with treat all people fairly and equally. Continue Reading…

One of the questions I get asked all the time when people find out I’m a real estate broker is; how can I sell my home fast. I tell them the surest way to sell it fast is to drop your price lower than anybody else, be the cheapest and nicest in the neighborhood.

With out fault, people say what else can I do? I then tell them, there are seven steps you can take today that will help your home sell fast and these steps will work in any real estate market.

The seven steps to sell you home in any real estate market

Experience shows me that if you follow the seven steps below, your home will sell in the fastest time possible. It doesn’t matter if the real estate market is an up, down, sideways or flat market.

The Seven Steps  To Sell Your Home Fast Continue Reading…